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My goal is to support you in your pursuit of living your best life. I  break down the barrier to effective tools and modalities that may have seemed too esoteric with a tactical, grounded approach. 


One of those tools is PSYCH-K® -- a simple, effective, rapid process based in psychology and neuroscience to transform limiting beliefs, negative perceptions, and subconscious blocks to a state of self-empowerment, peace, and clarity.  We’re rewriting the software of your brain that runs 95% of your life to transcend the standard methods of visualization, endless affirmations, grit and will power, "just think positive!", and traditional therapy.   


When we align our subconscious beliefs with our conscious goals, real change can happen.


How I can help

and what does a session look like?

What a PSYCH-K® session offers for you is a way to shift the disconnects in your life that block the fulfillment of your highest potential. 


The private session is approximately an hour and includes a brief discussion about:

  • Area where you seek some change

  • Your goals

  • Identify the blocks and limiting beliefs

Then, I guide you through the most effective PSYCH-K® process.



Fear and Stress

Professional Success


Anxiety and

Emotional Wellbeing

Personal Transformation

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