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Wait...why do I care that Erin was an attorney?  


That’s a very good question. First, while I won't be providing you legal advice, you get the benefit of that highly strategic mindset to aid your goal development. Second, no one visits their attorney in peak form and a state of peace.  So my unofficial practice for over a decade has been to meet people where they are - to hold nonjudgmental space, listen, cut through the fog to the heart of the issue, and strategically counsel.


How quickly can I expect to see results?


Whereas significant and profound changes often take place quickly and easily, it’s impossible to predict exact outcomes.  Rather, I encourage you to notice what changes after each session. This can provide some valuable insight or point to where further investigation is needed in our next session. Partnering the change made in session with aligned action can create great momentum to see outward results.


How long do results last from a PSYCH-K® session?


These are long lasting changes until you decide you want to experience something else.  We’re constantly evolving and that’s a beautiful process which can bring up deeper layers for integration or new desires.


Do remote sessions really work?  I feel like I may be missing out.


I miss you too!  In-person interaction is always great in our overly virtual world, but not to worry - your results via a remote session will be just as powerful. In fact, 90% of sessions are done virtually.


I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?


That's too bad. Please provide 24 hours advance notice and I will do my best to accommodate any rescheduling needed.

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