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Simple: This holistic process works for, and benefits, anyone who is ready to change their experience of life in almost any area.


Effective: PSYCH-K® is a long lasting transformation backed by over 25 years of research and application.  It is especially effective in the areas of confidence, goals, personal growth, wellness and stress reduction. 


Rapid: Working together, we are able to shift in as little as one session what may have taken months or years to process via more traditional methods. How cool is that?!


Beliefs: Ok, now we’re getting into the juice. Beliefs are the accumulation of thoughts and accepted information you've decided to be "truths". Beliefs, mindset, filters, worldview - same same. Beliefs then ripple out and impact all aspects of your life including your relationships, self-esteem, financial prosperity, career choices, even your health. 

belief change          behavior change           desired result

Limiting Beliefs: Often these are the beliefs you were conditioned with from childhood that stop you from living the life you want now.  Look out for “I should/shouldn't..” “I couldn’t possibly..” "but, I'm not special like her...""this is the way it is".


Perceptions: Stress, worry, anxiety, fear, etc that color how you perceive past, present, and future situations.

Subconscious Blocks: Hurdles or roadblocks in your path towards your desired goal.  Think procrastination or writer’s block.


Subconscious:  Let’s back up a second and discuss the subconscious which primarily finds its formal study in Jungian psychology supported by modern neuroscience.  It’s the operating system and software of your computer - the brain - that is doing millions of behind the scenes things to create what you experience at the conscious level. Scientists have been telling us for years that humans only use 5-10% of their brain.  That other 90-95% is the subconscious mind. This is where your beliefs are programmed. It’s your autopilot. Your GPS. You have to program it where you want to go. Have you ever felt frustrated knowing what you need to do to accomplish your goal, yet not ever doing it? This is the “awareness-action gap.”  In order to achieve success in whatever goal you design for yourself, you first must align the beliefs or programs of your subconscious. Alignment brings ease to the doing.  Without alignment, it is an energy-depleting activity requiring relentless discipline, determination, and will power (hello burnout!). 


Why PSYCH-K®: PSYCH-K® is a unique process that creates a receptive whole-brain state, dramatically reducing resistance to change in the subconscious mind.  Being able to access the talents of both left and right hemispheres - the whole-brain state - as needed provides us with choices and options as well as a calm, centered response, expanded creativity, and improved problem solving.  It acts as a “gateway to higher consciousness”  where quantum leaps and changes to your fundamental limiting beliefs can take place - if you’re into that sort of thing.


Are you ready to upgrade?

*PSYCH-K® is a great compliment alongside other methods of therapy to enhance the effect of both.

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