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meet erin

You know, we all have catalysts in our lives that take us down this journey in pursuit of something more.  Whereas the catalysts and paths may differ, the goal is ultimately the same: this journey is all about coming back to your true self in order to live your fullest life.  Living authentically and happy as your foundational state. You are whole, unique, weird, and beautiful. I’m glad you’re here. Along the way, however, we got buried under mounds of cultural conditioning especially throughout our childhood. 

I'm Erin Monahan. My journey includes multiple degrees and over a decade in corporate law.  So for me this has been a big project not of learning, but of unlearning that took me down many experimental rabbit holes, courses, and therapies often coming up short on the meaningful shifts I sought.  I found PSYCH-K® to be the missing piece. It’s the express lane. 

As a PSYCH-K® Preferred Facilitator with a cultivated breadth and depth of understanding and tools across PSYCH-K®, Neuro Linguistic Programming, business acumen, and deep study of relationship/human dynamics, I now hold space and use a combination of those tools to accelerate your rapid transformation into creating the life you deserve. 


I work with gems from all directions including attorneys, executives, conscious entrepreneurs, and media/entertainment.  Areas often include effective goal setting, career change, money, relationships,  business, and personal growth.


Available for in-person session in Los Angeles as well as global sessions via video now.

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